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eMusic Download Manager 6.0

This tool allows you to manage your downloads from eMusic's online music store
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eMusic is an online service that allows you to find and buy your favorite music, either single songs or entire albums. eMusic Download Manager tool is the client app that you can install on your PC for managing all your eMusic pending downloads. The program allows you to pause your downloads and synchronize them with media players such as WinAmp, Windows Media Player, and iTunes.

The program, however, is not capable of working independently, as the music search needs to be done through eMusic website to retrieve some results. As a matter of fact, the program only allows you to pause or clear your current download list, as well as to identify and open the download folder. There is also a configuration window that allows you to select a preferred media player to synchronize your downloaded tracks with. eMusic Download Manager's user interface is very simple and plain, and I truly consider that its visual design could be widely improved.

eMusic online service allows you to buy single songs or entire albums individually. However, you can also opt for some member plans where you pay a monthly fee to download a certain number of files. These plans are: Basic, which allows you to download up to 24 songs for $11.99; Plus, which allows you to download up to 34 songs for $15.99; Premium, with up to 46 downloads for $20.99, and Fan, which gives you 73 downloads for $31.99. This way you can grab music 100% legal for as low as $0.44 per track.

In a nutshell, eMusic Download Manager is a simple tool that allows you to manage your downloads from eMusic’s online music store. It is very lightweight and easy to use, though its visual design is not very attractive.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very easy to use
  • Allows you to synchronize your downloads with several popular media players
  • Allows you to pause or clear all your downloads at once, with a simple click


  • Cannot be used independently from eMusic's online music store
  • Poor visual design
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